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1. This website is based on the design principle of accessibility and uses keyboard shortcuts to strengthen the browsing convenience

Layout is divided in 2 areas:The upper block、The center block.

The upper block:Consist of the main menu zone and the sub menu zone. This is a sharing block and will be present in all pages.

The center block:This is the content zone. All information will be present in the center block.

2. The following keys are set as the Access keys (or speed keys) of this website.

ALT+(Acronym), user can point to block directly.

ALT+U:The upper block (The main menu)

ALT+T:The upper block (The sub menu)

ALT+C:The center block (The content zone)

3. Website structure: This website consists of general category and specific category. The structure is present below.

2. About .taipei
3. Policy
4. Registrars
5. FAQ
5 - 1 Registration
5 - 2 Domain name

Update : 2015-10-5
Check : 2015-10-5