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Taipei has many to offer, historical heritage, diversity of people, incredible fireworks from 101 building, amazing street snacks, convenient Ubike and MRT and so on. Now accompanied with big metropolitan cities such as New York, London and berlin, Taipei joins the international carnival to embrace a new domain of its own ".taipei". With a spirit to build digital infrastructure in Taipei, Taipei City Government is inviting every business, organization and taipeier in every walk of life to be part of it by claiming a piece of Taipei's virtual address online.

Pinpointing your domain with Taipei has many benefits in different aspects. Geographically speaking, ".taipei" can help people quickly locate your base and set you apart from other competitors elsewhere. From the perspective of business marketing, ".taipei" is a tool to promote brand awareness and engage emotional bonding with local customers. What's more, ".taipei" is also a proved SEO booster in Internet marketing. As of domain name itself, ".taipei" provides access to alternative and memorable registration options with Taipei city identity.

To keep pace with digital trend and become a pioneer of digital world, let's stand ahead and unite together to build our city a better one.

.taipei Domain Name Life Cycle

The life cycle of .taipei includes 120 hours add-grace period, registered, expired, auto-renew grace period (the days of auto-renew grace period depends on registrar’s rule), 30 days of redemption grace period, 5 days of pending delete, and released.

Please note that the add-grace period starts after the successful registration of the domain name and lasts for 120 hours. If the domain name is deleted during this period, domain name will be released immediately. If the domain name is deleted after five days of add-grace period, it will enter the 30 days of redemption grace period.

.taipei Domain Name Life Cycle. as stated above.

.taipei Launch Schedule

.taipei Launch Schedule, see the contents below.
  • Landrush I: 2015/07/23 ~ 2015/07/31(10PM)
  • Landrush II: 2015/08/06 ~ 2015/08/14(10AM)
  • Landrush III: 2015/08/18 ~ 2015/08/26(10AM)
  • Landrush IV: 2015/08/27 ~ 2015/09/02(10AM)
  • General Availability: 2015/09/09(10AM)
Update: 2019-06-03