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Taipei Metro



"A world-class metro, a wonderful Taipei"

With a service philosophy of openness and innovation, the Taipei Metro supports the City’s all-round development for better living, working, recreation, and transportation. We integrate the local spirit to forge a brighter urban culture.


"Providing safe, reliable, and friendly transportation services while pursuing sustainable development."

We are diversifying our services and fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities on the basis of our core transportation services. Growing and developing in partnership with our customers, communities, employees, shareholders, and suppliers.

Core Values

"Integrity, teamwork, innovation, and openness and sharing"

  • Integrity: Honoring our commitments, and being fair and just to our partners and employees, creating a corporate culture of sincerity and mutual trust.

  • Teamwork: Creating synergy and realizing the full potential of each team member through full participation and involvement, providing proactive care and assistance for employees for mutual growth and support.

  • Innovation: Being in sync with the latest market developments and social trends for continuous improvement and excellence by being pragmatic, progressive, and innovative.

  • Openness and sharing: Promoting openness and diversity, implementing the vision of a sharing culture, and fostering a sense of community for mutual prosperity between the City and the Company.

Taipei Travel


What is your impression of Taipei? Everyone has an unique story to tell about the wondrous Taipei that’s definitely worth telling. Let’s hear about what celebrities have to say about Taipei, and unleash our imagination! ​

Ximen Red House


The Red House was constructed in 1908 by Japanese architect Kondo Juro, which was the first government-built public market in Taiwan and also the most well-preserved Class III historic building in the nation. The Red House consists of “Bagua" shaped Octagonal Display Hall as the grand entrance for it’s meaning— people visiting from all around the world, a characteristic Cruciform Building as main construction and adjacent South and North squares. Inside The Red House you will find the perfect place for a relaxing teatime “The Red House Tea Shop”, a Taiwanese style craft shop with goodies selected from all over Taiwan “The Red House Select Shop”, “Creative Boutique” is an exhibiting and sales space which is also dedicated to promoting small business in Cultural and Creative Industry and a professionally equipped performance space with retro and elegant decoration. The Red House also has events promoting different cultural experiences such as regular-scheduled guided tours, creative seminars, craft workshops, weekend creative market, theatrical performances from time to time and special exhibition in Central Display Area. The Red House has been through few functions, shifted from public market, bookstore, cinema, to a theatre. More than a decade has passed since 2007 when Department of Cultural Affairs entrusted Taipei Culture Foundation to manage The Red House as a platform to promote Cultural and Creative Industry in the goal of reviving Ximending’s community. After gathering years of cultural and creative energies, The Red House is now considered as the most iconic location of Cultural and Creative Industry in not only Taipei, but all around Taiwan. Awards: 1. In 2008, The Red House received “Best Historical Site Revitalization" project at the 7th Taipei Urban Landscape Award. 2. The Red House took over management of Taipei Cinema Park in 2009 and contracted public art installation “Urban Show Case" which held mesmerizing memories of the city and won golden award for “Urban Aesthetics: Public Open Space" in 2010.

Update: 2019-06-03